Sunday, October 23, 2011

Centro de la Imagen - Fotoseptiembre

Escribir con la imagen y ver con la palabra [Write with the image and see with the word] - This quote greets visitors to a wonderful exhibition of photos by Maureen Bisilliat accompanied by text from several authors at Centro de la Imagen in Mexico City. Bisilliat was born in England in 1931 and moved to Brazil in 1957. Most of the prints on display are from her adopted country, including work from Bahia and Xingu, taken several decades ago. The large B&W and color digital prints, some more than 60 inches wide, are displayed unmatted and unglazed in simple black frames. Interestingly, this striking presentation would not have been possible when the photos were originally captured. Bisilliat's photos are both passionate and poetic.
Maureen Bisilliat - Images from Bahia
Next door, in the long corridor which bisects the Biblioteca de México, are two exhibitions that are part of Fotoseptiembre 2011. Hijos de la Tierra includes over 40 traditionally framed and matted B&W prints by Milton Guran, captured in the 1970s and 1980s, which document indigenous groups in the Amazon. These prints are an intriguing contrast to the work of Bisilliat, both in style and presentation. Further down the corridor is a mixed bag of color and B&W work by over a dozen contemporary artists selected for the Fotoseptiembre exhibition Relaciones a Relatos

Milton Guran - Hijos de la Tierra
Centro de la Imagen and Biblioteca de México are both located in Plaza de la Ciudadela, Centro Histórico (Metro Balderas), Mexico City.


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