Monday, August 13, 2012

Slideluck Seattle IX

Slideluck Potshow was begun by Casey Kelbaugh in Seattle in the summer of 2000 as a home-grown experiment dedicated to building and strengthening community through food and art. Since that time, Slideluck has grown and now hosts events in over fifty cities around the world. I’ve shown my work at Slideluck Seattle five times in the past and I’m extremely excited to be part of Slideluck Seattle IX, which returns home after an absence of three years. The event will be on Saturday, August 18, and begins with a potluck dinner at 7 pm, followed at 9 pm by slideshows featuring the work of 29 artists accompanied with a soundtrack by Erik Blood. The other artists include Aaron Huey, Alys Kenny, Amanda Manitach, Andrew Hetherington, Andy Reynolds, Casey Kelbaugh, Chris Bavara, Daniel Carrillo, Duncan Smith, Eleanor Petry, Ethan Welty, Frank Coronada, Jennifer Tucker, Jenny Riffle, John Keatley, Kemba Opio, Kevin Cruff, Kristine Eng, Lauren Max, Loewyn Young, Matt Lutton, Matt Mills McKnight, Maura Sullivan, Michael Barkin, Michael Clinard, Nick Shiflet, Paul Kooiman, SCNTFC, and Serrah Russell. The event will be held at VODA Studios, 1050 West Nickerson Ave, Seattle. A larger sized preview of my contribution Avoid Naples! may be viewed on YouTube.



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