Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Limited Edition Pricing for Photographic Prints

Photographic prints can be produced as multiple copies and collectors may wonder how that impacts their value. Many fine art photographers print their images in limited editions. After the edition has sold out, no further prints of that image will be made. Limited editions are generally offered using a tiered pricing schedule. For example, the first five prints of a limited edition of 25 are offered at a set price, the next five prints are offered at a higher price, and so forth. Since there is no physical difference between the first and last print of an edition, the price increase simply reflects the diminishing number of remaining available prints for that image. It is noteworthy that this method favors collectors who purchase prints early in the edition cycle, since when a new pricing tier is crossed, the inherent value of all previously purchased prints increases. Although artwork should be acquired primarily for its appeal, limited editions provide assurance of the value and exclusivity for the collector of photographic prints.


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