Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ernesto Bazan Workshop in Oaxaca

At this time last year, I was fortunate to participate in an Ernesto Bazan Workshop in Oaxaca for Day of the Dead with  four other photographers, Judy Babinsky, Carlos Figueroa, John Fritzen and David Taffet. We had an intense and wonderful time together during the ten-day workshop.  Ernesto is a excellent photographer, a talented teacher, an incisive editor and a delightful person.  His book Bazan Cuba is among my all-time favorites.  
Ernesto is back in Oaxaca now teaching this workshop again for the ninth year in a row, and I wish that I could be there as well.  Ernesto's friend, Juan De la Cruz, has assembled a video presentation entitled ¿Por Que No? from selected still photos that we took in 2009.  Ernesto will present this video at the Centro Fotográfico Manuel Álvarez Bravo in Oaxaca at 8:00pm on November 3, 2010.  


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