Sunday, November 13, 2011

Flor Garduño Exhibition in Oaxaca

On my last full day in Oaxaca I spent some time visiting the Flor Garduño exhibition Trilogía at the Santo Domingo Cultural Center. The show consisted of over 85 large black and white digital prints which spanned over three decades of work by the Mexican photographer and filled nearly the entire lower floor of the former convent. Like her newest book, Trilogía, the exhibition was divided into three parts. Bestiarum showed images of people and animals and included many of her iconic images. This was my favorite part of the show. The second section, Mujeras fantásticas, consisted of nudes, which I found less compelling than her other work. Many of the images were repetitive in nature and this section would have benefited by a tighter edit of the work. The final section, Naturalezas silenciosas, contained quite a few interesting images, including some of her newest work. Overall, this was a wonderful way to end my trip to Mexico.


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